Individual & Team Grading

MCNC - Club Grading Days:

In 2018 MCNC (Club) Grading will be held over 2 weekends:

  1. First Grading Day - Saturday 10th Feb. Completed
  2. Second Grading Day - Saturday 17th Feb.

Grading trials are held at the Mountain Creek High School - Student Centre (the large sports/assembly building) – use the entry gate next to the swimming pool. Signs will be erected to guide you to the Student Centre.

NOTE: Club Grading is at the High School NOT the Primary School

Grading is only conducted for Divisional Players – Ages 10 and above.

Net-Set-Go and Modified players do not need to attend grading. 

All players should bring a water bottle and prepare as they would for a normal competition game; no jewelery, hair tied back, nails clipped, etc. 

Please be at the school 30 minutes before your allotted time to sign in so that we can ensure we have all allocated players to put a team on the court at the allocated time, but also to provide time to warm up (we have had injuries in the past due to players arriving late and not warming up properly). If you are late you may miss your opportunity to play.

Grading Day #2 - Saturday 17th February 2018

Grading Times for individuals: pdf 2018_Divisional_Grading_2-Session_Times-V2.pdf

If you cannot make grading this week please contact the club ASAP!

MCNC - Club Grading Process:

The Divisional Competition run by the Sunshine Coast Netball Association (SCNA) is an "ability" based competition. For people that are new to the club this may be different to that from your former club/competition as you may have come from a competition that is an Age based competition.  The SCNA "Ability" based competition means that players are assessed on their ability and placed into teams with other players with like ability. From there each team is assessed (against other teams) and the competition created. As you can appreciate this presents difficulties when trying to create teams and meet everyone's expectations. 

The MCNC tries to please everyone, but as I'm sure you can appreciate with over 225 players that is not always possible.  We therefore encourage you to read the grading process document provided at the link below to understand the process and some of the considerations we will undertake in forming tams for the 2018 season. We thank-you for your understanding and patience.


Part of the above process is the collection of Player / Parent feedback. As a club we value and respect your feedback and will use this feedback as part of the team selection process. In order to capture your feedback we request that all Players / Parents complete the following form (see link below) and return it to the club. Once completed please return it to:  


SCNA - Teams Grading Days

Competition Level Team Grading will be conducted at the SCNA Netball courts at Fishermans Road, Kuluin. Team grading is conducted over 2 weeks also. For 2018 Team Grading will be held on:

  1. Team Grading #1 - Saturday 10th March - all Divisional Teams & Players only (Net Set Go teams do not need to attend)
  2. Team Grading #2 - Saturday 17th March - all Divisional Teams & Players and Net Set Go White Teams only (Net-Set-Go Gold or Green do not need to attend)

SCNA Grading Times for Saturday the 10th of March are as follows:

  • 7.30am - Majestics, Marlins, Mermaids, Magic;
  • 9.30am - Monkeys, Mars Bars, Missiles;
  • 12.20pm - Mangoes, Mavericks, Mustangs, Magpies;
  • 2.30pm - Mojos, Magnets;
  • 4.45pm - Mud Crabs, Minties, Muppets, Mayhem, Minions;
  • Each round consists of 7 x 10min games with 3min breaks between each game;
  • Full uniform should be worn (where you have it);
  • If you don’t have a uniform yet please wear bike pants (club or black) and a white or light blue t-shirt. We will have pullover bibs available for teams to use;
  • There is no borrowing during grading - teams may take the court with as few as 5.  Coaches will have space to make notes about who is away; and
  • Remembers nails cut, jewellery off and take plenty of water.

Enjoy yourselves and good luck.... Go Creekers!.

Games will be held at the Fisherman's Road netball courts, these are usually a series of short games, round-robin style. You can expect to be there for 2-3 hours.

Please check the SCNA website for any details regarding weather and cancellations .

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