Resources For Coaches

Download the following resources, which can be used to help you as a netball coach.

General Information:

IFNA Basic Coaching Manual  pdfView & Download

SCNA Divisional Information:

Divisional Coaches Handbook (SCNA)  pdfS5_PtC-Divisional_Coaches_Handbook.pdf

Divisional Grading Information (SCNA) pdfS2_PtC-Divisional_Grading.pdf

Divisional Finals Information (SCNA)  pdfS2_PtD-Finals.pdf

MCNC Specific Resources:

MCNC Coaches roles & responsibilities  pdfView & Download
Player position court time  docxDownload
Player Best & Fairest point form  docxDownload
Training session plan form  docxDownload
Court Map position tactics form  docxDownload
Player statistics form  docxDownload
docxC2 - Player Profile Form
docxC3 - Player Position Court Time Information
docxC4 - Training Session Plan For Team
docxC5 - Court Map / Positions / Tactics Form
docxC6 Player Statistics Form
docxC7 Coaches Feedback Form
docxC8 Training Attendance Form

Net Set Go Resources:

Net-Set-Go Competition Information (SCNA)  pdfS2_PtB-NSG_Competition_Info.pdf

Net-Set-Go Guidelines & Rules (SCNA)  pdfS5_PtC2-Net-Set-Go_Guidelines__Rules.pdf

Other Information: 


Important News

1. Registrations for the 2018 season are now closed. if you have forgotten to register please contact the club registrar at;

2. Teams have now been selected and have been passed to SCNA. No changes to teams will be made after the 1st of March 2018. Any changes from this point on must be approved by SCNA and are unlikely to occur. We thank everyone for their help and patience in setting up the 2018 teams.

3. The next step is to assign coaches and manager to each team - If you are able to help as either a Coach or a Manager please contact the club.  Once each team has a Coach and Manager Training times will be assigned and we can start training!!!

4. We still have a couple of vacancies on the club committee. If you are interested in volunteering for a position within the club or as a volunteer in any other capacity please contact the club at: .

Steve Curnow - Club President.


Club Supporters

This project is proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council’s grants program.